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Rufus is a tool for creating bootable USB drives. It includes the option for users who want to create a bootable drive for Windows, Mac, or Linux, and also includes an option for users who want to create a bootable disk for DOS. This can be done by clicking on the appropriate icon in the interface.

Rufus app is Windows utility for formatting, preparing USB flash drives for use with Microsoft Windows. It is developed by the company Rufus Software. For testing all features download Rufus for Windows. 


The interface is simple & straightforward with a large button for selecting operation to begin and a progress bar. First-time running, there is installation wizard. It is easy to navigate around the interface.

Partition map shows current partition layout on the hard drive, app show file system structure on Windows. There is a quick access menu button for easy access to important functions.


Rufus Windows is easy to use, it comes with quick start guide that provides step-by-step instructions on using this app. There are many options for achieving desired result with minimal effort.


Rufus free download is simple to use & very powerful tool for formatting hard drives. It can also be used to create partitions on a drive, which is helpful when you want to use it as a secondary drive. Tool allows backups, restores, which is helpful for transferring files.

These drives are created from either a CD or an ISO file. Rufus is very easy to use and has nice GUI interface. 


Rufus download free comes with a variety of support options. Variety of forums & FAQs provide answers to common questions, tips on how to use the program. There is phone number for support.

Program can format, prepare USB flash drives for use with Microsoft Windows. Company website provides support for the product. Support for the program is average.

Unique Features

  1. Create bootable DVDs, USBs
  2. Burn and test ISO images
  3. Enable or disable boot from USB
  4. Create bootable ISO images
  5. Create bootable disc from Dos
  6. Supports booting to Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
  7. Format USB to support bootable media.
  8. Format USB to support NTFS, FAT32.
  9. Select Wipe Mode.
  10. Select File System.
  11. Free space detection;
  12. Add ISO file to the bootable usb;
  13. It has a built-in file explorer;
  14. It has a built-in image burner;
  15. It can be used even on computers that do not have the operating system installed.
  16. The app is compatible with all versions of Windows.
  17. It comes to us as a portable app, so it is easy to install it on a flash drive and you can use it on any computer.


Q: How do I install Rufus application?

A: To get Rufus install software, simply download the file, save it to a convenient location, run executable file.

Q: How can I make a bootable USB?

A: You can make bootable USB by following several steps below:

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Plug in USB to your computer.
  4. On Rufus window, select drive letter that you want to make a bootable USB on.
  5. It will show a list of the drives that you can choose from.
  6. If you would like to encrypt your USB drive, select Encrypt option.
  7. It will ask you for a password.
  8. After you enter password, it will show progress of process.
  9. If you are done, click on Green button to close.
  10. To boot your computer from USB, press power button on drive.

Q: How to get Rufus download for Windows?

A: Just go to the official site and press download the tool. 

Q: Can I download Rufus Android version?

A: You can download the bootable version from the official website.


Rufus free is a popular utility for formatting hard drives, but it reached its fullest potential with its portability. The application comes in both a USB and downloadable version, is compatible with both Windows, Mac operating systems. Soft is compatible with a variety of other devices: SD cards, iPods, iPhones. 

This super powerful utility is easy to use, provides a variety of functions for formatting hard drives. The interface is intuitively understood, Rufus app download is supported by company website.

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